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    When workers are at risk of contamination by chemical or biological agents, wearing a suitable disposable mask is mandatory. Oxwork.com is one of the resellers with the widest range of disposable masks on the market.

    If you are not yet sure which mask is best for a given situation, discover the points of distinction as well as the references on which you can rely.

    Disposable masks in the medical field

    The disposable medical masks available on Oxwork.com are designed to prevent the projection of snot or saliva may contain droplet or airborne infectious agents when the user exhales.

    When worn by caregivers, they help prevent contamination of patients and their environment (air, surface, products, etc.). On the contrary, worn by contagious patients, they avoid contamination of those around them and their environment.

    In addition, single-use medical masks (epi) protect users against infectious agents can be transmitted by droplets. But they do not protect against airborne infectious agents.

    Variants of disposable medical masks

    Oxwork.com offers several models of disposable medical masks. They are grouped into two distinct categories. You will therefore have the choice between care masks and surgical masks. However, they are both now grouped under the single designation of "surgical masks".

    To function as a filter, they are made from multiple layers of elements, each with a specific function:

    - a screen made up of several layers also called creases. The internal and external parts are made of non-woven fabric with an intermediate layer in the middle whose role is to filter exhalations;

    - the nose clip that serves to adjust the mask to the nose while preventing leaks and reducing fogging of the glasses;

    - the ear ties or attachments for a perfect hold of the disposable mask on the face.

    Some medical disposable masks are equipped with a impermeable layer. Its role is to prevent the aspiration of splashes of biological fluid.

    Disposable masks for industry

    Disposable masks made for industry or breathing masks protect users from inhalation of aerosols, dusts, gases or vapors that can be harmful to health .

    There are two types of respirator masks. Those available on Oxwork.com are filter masks. Their function is to purify the ambient air of those who wear them. They generally consist of a central piece at the level of the face as well as a filtration device. Sometimes the center piece is made entirely of the filter material and therefore does not have a separate filter.

    The models offered by Oxwork.com consist of a half-mask covering the nose, mouth and chin.

    Depending on the nature of the filter material, respirators may only protect against particles. Some are capable of filtering gases or vapours, and others all harmful aerosols, be it particles, gas or vapours.

    There are also disposable masks that filter particles and at the same time protect users from inhaling infectious agents.

    VME: criteria for choosing a disposable mask

    The VME or Average Exposure Value is the average concentration of aerosol to which a person can be exposed without risk during a given period of time. For particles, it is measured in mg/m3 and for gases or vapors, it is in ppm (parts per million).

    Oxwork.com offers a range of disposable masks that comply with standards.

    - Masks class FFP1 : below four times the VME

    - Masks class FFP2 : below ten times the VME

    - Masks class FFP3: below fifty times the VME

    Standards for disposable masks

    Disposable respiratory protection masks allow their users to protect themselves against certain extremely contagious bacteria and viruses which are transmitted by oral route or by projection of micro droplets. Thus, they must cover the mouth, nose and chin of the user. In order to ensure their effectiveness, disposable masks must be designed according to different standards. Here are the details:

    • EN 149: Disposable particle filtering half masks. This standard defines 3 efficiency classes: FFP1, FFP2, FFP3
    • EN 149 + A1: Requirements and test methods for particle filtering half masks
    • EN 405: Filtering half masks with exhalation valves against gases and particles
    • NF EN 14683: For surgical masks intended to prevent the projection of droplets emitted by the wearer.