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  1. Dunlop PUROFORT PRO S5 SRC CI lightweight anti-cold lined safety boots
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    Dunlop PUROFORT PRO S5 SRC CI lightweight anti-cold lined safety boots

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  2. botte de securite fourree rigair pro fur dunlup s5 ci src
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    Lined safety boots RIGAIR PRO FUR Dunlup S5 CI SRC

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  3. Botte de sécurité isolante RIGAIR PRO Dunlup S5 CI SRC
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    RIGAIR PRO Dunlup S5 CI SRC insulated safety boot

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  4. Blanc
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    Dunlop Tysonite OB SRA CI Work Clog

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  5. Blanc / Vert
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    Unsecured Dunlop HYGRADE waterproof boots

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  6. Vert
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    Dunlop Selenium Rain Boot

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  7. Vert
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    Waders Dunlop CHEST safety S5 SRA PVC

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  8. Blanc
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    Dunlop Hygrade Safety SB E FO SRA safety boots

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10 Items

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Dunlop leisure boots and safety boots - Men / Women

Whether it's to provide optimal protection for your feet during work or for leisure, the brand Dunlop can offer you the pair of boots you need. Marketing both men's and women's boots, and for young and old, the brand offers a wide choice of boots to provide comfort and safety.

The Dunlop brand is committed to providing safety and comfort to its customers. Thus, it has developed two ranges intended for these effects with its pleasure boots and its safety boots.

The brand has designed its waterproof leisure boots so that they are suitable for all types of feet, both small and large feet and also according to different morphologies. They will allow those who wear them to walk and play as comfortably as possible all day long. But the range of leisure boots designed by the brand also includes winter boots with fur linings and special lacing ensuring comfort and warmth. Since winter is a period when there is ice, the winter boots have a layer of non-slip soles and the brand also offers various colors to satisfy all tastes.

While these boots are sometimes worn for work, leisure boots should not be mixed with Dunlop safety boots, as they were not designed with the main standard: toe caps.

Why choose Dunlop safety boots?

Dunlop is a reference brand, recognized worldwide for the manufacture of high-end safety boots. These are designed for professionals working in agriculture, agri-food, industry, as well as in the oil, gas and mining sectors. They are manufactured according to current safety standards, while taking into account the needs of each sector of activity. When designing safety boots, Dunlop combines comfort, innovation and protection. Resistant, robust, functional, flexible, light, Dunlop safety boots guarantee full protection of the feet against chemical risks, crushing and punctures, while offering optimal comfort to workers.

On Oxwork, find a wide range of Dunlop safety boots for men and women. They are available in several colors, and in sizes ranging from 35 to 48.

Standards governing Dunlop safety boots

Very respectful of the standards ensuring the safety of the feet of workers, Dunlop strictly follows the international standards for the design of safety boots in place. In Europe, the brand has the latest ISO 20345: 2011 certification. The SB standard is the basic standard which stipulates the mandatory requirements, namely: the presence of protective toes, non-slip soles, impermeability and resistance to abrasion, bending and tearing.

Specific additional standards are planned so that Dunlop safety boots, among others, are adapted to the different conditions encountered by workers in different sectors of activity, as follows:

-The S1 standard

In addition to the SB criteria, S1 requires Dunlop safety boots to be anti-static, have energy-absorbing heels and be used in dry environments where hydrocarbons are known to be present with a closed back.

- The S2 standard

In addition to the requirements of the SB and S1 standard, the S2 requires waterproof boots since they are used in wet environments.

-The S3 standard

In addition to meeting the mandatory criteria of the previous standards, Dunlop safety boots of the S3 standard must have anti-perforation and cleated soles.

Technologies used for Dunlop safety boots

The quality of Dunlop safety boots is also the result of the technologies developed by the brand and comply with the standards mentioned above.

Purofort: Rubber designed with millions of air pockets, it makes Dunlop safety boots light and heat resistant.

Acifort: It guarantees comfort and flexibility, and offers better resistance to blood, chemicals or oil thanks to polymers and nitrile rubber.

Vibram: In duo with Purofort technology, it offers better grip for workers in the oil and general industries sector.

The Seamless Line: The technology focuses on the lining: seamless, antibacterial