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        The glove is a protective element used by firefighters, metallurgists and welders.

        Welding protective glove

        The occupation of welder is classified as a high-risk occupation , therefore, it is very important to protect yourself well.

        A welding protective glove is made of leather, lined interior and anti-heat fleece. There is also a cuff to protect the hands, forearms and wrists.

        Protection of welding gloves

        Faced with heat, burns and electrical conduction, welding gloves must have special features to protect you.

        The gloves must ensure your safety and comply with the following conditions:

        Mechanical resistance: the glove must resist cutting and tearing.

        Thermal insulation: especially against contact heat.

        Resistant to flames, abrasion, puncture and molten metal.

        Gloves must also be made of leather ( with a lined interior).

        The different kinds of welding gloves

        There are two types of protective gloves.

        The flocked glove

        It is more tactile, because it does not have a textile backing. Its prolonged use causes a lot of sweating, it is necessary to wear a under pair of gloves.

        The supported glove

        It is a more resistant glove thanks to its textile support. It has a longer lifespan than the flocked glove.

        How to choose the right welding gloves?

        To be well protected and comfortable at work, choosing a quality glove of the right size is very important.

        The list of gloves sizes with equivalence and the dimension of the circumference of the palm of the hand are useful for choosing the right gloves .

        Glove size: 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11

        Equivalence: XXS - XS - S - M - L - XL

        Palm circumference: 15 to 19 cm - 19 to 20 cm - 20 to 22 cm - 22 to 24 cm - 24 to 26 cm - 26 to 28 cm.

        Gloves of size 6 correspond to XXS and a circumference of the palm of the hand of 15 to 19 cm and so on continued.

        The different standards related to welding gloves

        Like all professional equipment and accessories, welding gloves comply with the following standards in order to protect you.

        EN 420 standard

        This is the basic standard for protective gloves and it also includes general requirements.

        Ergonomics of the glove: It must be flexible to facilitate the work.

        The constitution: must be clear.

        The pH: must be neutral

        Resistance to water.

        The European marking, an indication of the manufacturer must be clearly visible.

        EN 12477 standard

        This is a specific standard for welding protective gloves.

        The gloves must undergo a performance and resistance test against the following list and points:

        Abrasion (score from 0 to 4)

        Cut (score from 0 to 5)

        Tear (score from 0 to 4)

        Perforation (score from 0 to 4)

        Flammability (rating from 1 to 4)

        Heat (contact) (rating from 1 to 4)

        Heat (convective) (rating from 1 to 4)

        Small splashes (molten metal) (rating from 1 to 4)

        Professional anti-heat glove

        Professional anti-heat gloves are suitable for handling hot objects. With its protective sleeves, it can withstand a maximum heat of 100°C.

        Arc welder glove

        ARC Welder Gloves are made for high energy applications. Thanks to their back in aluminized aramid fabric and their anti-heat crust.

        Composed of a leather palm, lined with fleece and a leather cuff, your hands are protected.

        Kevlar welding glove

        To ensure the protection of your hands, the Kevlar welding gloves are suitable for welding operations. Leather glove with a cuff to protect the wrists and hands.