Disposable clothes

Disposable clothing specially designed to provide unparalleled protection in various sectors requiring impeccable hygiene and contamination prevention. Our disposable personal protective equipment (PPE), including gowns, coveralls, gloves, shoe covers and more, provides you with a solution that is both practical and economical.

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  1. Blanc
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    Tidy Professional Oil Resistant Arm Warmers (Pack of 50 pairs)
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  2. PIP Hooded Flap Breathable Disposable Coverall (Pack of 25)
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    PIP Hooded Flap Breathable Disposable Coverall (Pack of 25)
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  3. Blanc
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    Tidy Professional Coverpro 5S Anti-Static Protective Suit
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  4. Blanc
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    Disposable cap with Tidy Professional visor (Pack of 100)
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  5. Blanc
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    Tidy Professional Aprons Disposable Food Aprons (Pack of 1000)
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  6. Blanc
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    Tidy Professional Disposable Catering Cap (Pack of 100)
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  7. Blanc
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  8. Blanc
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    Portwest BIZTEX MICROPOROUS 6/5 Disposable Coverall (Pack of 50)
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  9. Combinaison BizTex microporeuse 3/4/5/6 Portwest
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    Portwest 3/4/5/6 Microporous BizTex Coverall
    As low as €13.34 €11.12 Regular Price €14.04
  10. Bleu
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    Portwest Disposable Charlotte (Pack 100)
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  11. Blanc
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    Pack of 10 Portwest Visitors Disposable Polypropylene Gowns
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  12. Marine
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    Portwest Disposable Coverall
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  13. Incolore
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    Portwest Disposable Powdered Vinyl Gloves (Pack of 100)
    As low as €2.77 €2.31 Regular Price €3.96
  14. Bleu
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    Portwest Disposable Powder Free Nitrile Gloves (Pack of 100)
    As low as €5.47 €4.56 Regular Price €5.76
  15. Masque eagle pliable FFP2 Dolomite avec valve Portwest
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    10 FFP2 Dolomite foldable eagle masks with Portwest valve
    As low as €16.42 €13.68 Regular Price €17.28
  16. 10 Masques eagle pliables FFP3 Dolomite avec valve Portwest
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    10 Masques eagle pliables FFP3 avec valve Portwest
    As low as €21.20 €17.67 Regular Price €22.32
  17. 10 masques respiratoires à valve ergonet FFP2 Portwest
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    10 Portwest FFP2 ergonet valve breathing masks
    As low as €17.10 €14.25 Regular Price €18.00
  18. 10 masques jetables FFP3 à valve Dolomite coque de respiration légère Portwest
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    10 masques jetables à valve coque de respiration Portwest
    As low as €11.63 €9.69 Regular Price €12.24

23 Items

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Work overalls, high-visibility clothing, protective vest... PPE or Personal Protective Equipment are essential in some domains. Disposable clothing, among other things, is one of the basic PPE items since it helps to maintain cleanliness and protects workers from all contamination. Also called single-use clothing, they are worn, among others, by industrialists, hospital employees or health establishment personnel.

Clothing designed to avoid contamination in sensitive environments

The safety and protection of employees are very important points in companies or communities. It is essential to protect yourself well when visiting a sterile environment or a contaminating or dirty environment. Excellent protection prevents dirt and any direct exposure to the working environment.

The work environment may also need to be protected from contamination from outside. This is why the wearing of disposable clothing is mandatory. In hospitals, visitors as well as nursing staff are, for example, required to wear a disposable gown, overshoes and a cap. Wearing a protective mask is required in certain cases, especially in the field of medicine and catering. The charlottes are used to contain the hair, the masks to contain the saliva projected during a cough and the gloves prevent the transmission of microbes carried by the hands.

Work clothes that protect against the outside environment

When it comes to disposable clothing, the dry suit is essential. It allows mechanics, house painters or agricultural engineers to work in complete safety. Indeed, this workwear offers protection against bacteria or chemicals. There are two variants: with or without a folding hood.

Disposable gloves and overshoes are also essential to limit contamination encountered in the outdoor environment. Overshoes notably limit the proliferation of microbes that remain under the soles of shoes. As for the cap, it can be worn under a hard hat to guarantee maximum protection.

Strengths of single-use clothing - Men's and Women's disposable equipment

In addition to the comfort and protection provided by any work garment, disposable garments stand out for their great flexibility in their uses. While Personal Protective Equipment requires cleaning and maintenance, single-use clothing only needs to be clean. As their name suggests, however, they should be discarded after each use. Apart from the absence of maintenance costs, disposable clothing thus avoids contamination of the user's clothing and work accessories. In terms of the budget, they provide significant savings.

Zoom in on disposable clothing standards.

Essential in the food industry, cleaning or medicine, disposable workwear is sectioned into categories by following some standards:

  • Category 1 for minor risks

When the risks are said to be minor or low, wearing simple coveralls is sufficient. This garment only provides comfort to the user, but no real protection.

  • Category 2 for intermediate risks

This category includes the real risks of contamination. To do this, suits tested and certified to European standards should be worn.

  • Categories 3 for irreversible risks

In this case, the risks are very high and can cause irreversible damage or a fatal risk. Wearing wetsuits tested and certified by a notified body and subject to quality control is formally recommended. These disposable coveralls are specific for their use.

As protective gloves are also categorized, disposables belong to category I, grouping gloves protecting against minimal risks. They meet the EN 420-2003 standard corresponding to the requirements of dexterity, ergonomics and safety. For this category of gloves, the manufacturer ensures compliance with the CE standard for its products.

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