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  1. Sweat à capuche zippé renforcé en oxford LMA MADRIER
      LMA MADRIER Reinforced oxford zip hoodie
      As low as €53.92 €44.93
    • Pantalon de pluie à bretelles haute visibilité Coverguard Hydra Jaune
        Coverguard Hydra Hi-Vis Bib Rain Pants
        As low as €28.82 €24.02
      • Écharpe multifonctions antimicrobienne Portwest Bleu
        • Blouson 3 en 1 haute visibilité imperméable PW3 Portwest Jaune
          • Pantalon de travail haute-visibilité avec poches flottantes démontables DX4 Portwest orange
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          • Parka de travail hiver haute visibilité matelassée Femme Portwest jaune
            • Chemise de travail bûcheron KENSINGTON SHIRT Helly Hansen Navy
              • Chaussure de sécurité montante NORMAN S3 Parade
                  Parade metal-free boots NORMAN S3 SRC
                  As low as €72.42 €60.35
                • Veste de travail Softshell Eco-responsable Coverguard SUMI marine
                  • Eco-responsible

                Items 1-32 of 813

                Set Descending Direction

                The work of a landscaper and gardener requires the wearing of specific work clothes for the maintenance of green spaces. Indeed, the use and handling of gardening tools and appliances present some risks. In addition, these are outdoor jobs constantly confronted with the vagaries of the weather. For this, it is important, and even mandatory, to wear appropriate clothing and equipment.

       sells a range of work clothes for landscape gardeners. You will find a whole range of items adapted to your needs.

                Pro attire: jacket, trousers, shorts, overalls and green work overalls

                You are a green spaces professional, you need suitable work clothes. Discover our selection of work clothes adapted to your job. Our offer includes many brands: Blaklader, Caterpillar, Albatros, Dickies, LMA.

                Spending most of their time outdoors, gardeners and landscapers find themselves exposed to summer heat, winter cold, rain and wind. Concerned about this, allows you to work in the best conditions. Similarly, the majority of landscape gardener clothing meets quality criteria and standards.

                First of all, in summer, it is more suitable to wear light work clothes. In this regard, the products in this range are designed and manufactured in breathable fabrics offering better comfort to its user. Then, the range of work clothes for landscape gardeners offers you different ranges of shorts, Bermuda shorts, t-shirts and polo shirts for women and men, waistcoats and jeans. Likewise, you will look better while avoiding sunstroke with our caps and Safari jackets.

                Then, protect yourself from the cold with our selection of hats, quilted gilet, down jacket, fleece winter jacket or work sweatshirts. The models available allow you to stay warm even in extreme temperatures. Moreover, some of the products offered comply with the EN 342 standard. So they are perfectly suited for outdoor tasks in negative temperatures.

                For rainy and windy weather, you are also spoiled for choice. On this subject, you have optional jackets, parkas and trousers. work waterproof and waterproof as well as windproof models. These work clothes meet the EN 343 standard.

                Lastly, our collection of landscape gardener clothing also includes more technical items. On one side, you will discover sleeveless vests, t-shirts, overalls and high visibility pants. On the other hand, the selection has very robust and resistant work suits, as well as models of multi-pocket workwear.

                Equipment: special gardening shoes

                You can easily recognize a landscape gardener by his pair of shoes. Indeed, the landscaper and the gardener are exposed to various risks, risks of thorns, sharp rocks, as well as falling objects that can reach the feet. For footwear, has a catalog of shoes for landscape gardeners.

                On the one hand, you have the choice of boots rain gear for men and women. They are light, comfortable equipment with profiled and non-slip soles. In this regard, they prevent slipping in slippery and muddy surfaces.

                On the other hand, our shop sells safety shoes for landscape gardeners. To do this, choose between safety boots and low and high safety shoes. The models offered comply with the EN 20345 standard, thus ensuring optimal protection for your feet. As a result, they resist perforation and shocks while withstanding the cold. In addition, they have specific non-slip soles, etc. Finally, they are very resistant, robust and comfortable work shoes.

                Quality accessories

       has a wide range of accessories for landscape gardeners. For this, the majority of the products offered are tools for Personal Protective Equipment or PPE essential.

                First, protect your head from falling branches and other objects with the forestry helmet with hearing protection and protective screen. Compliant with EN 397, EN 352-3, EN 166 and EN 1731 standards, it provides complete protection face with good visibility. Secondly, EN 166 standard protective goggles. Thirdly, you have the choice of various models of anti-cut gloves (EN 388), anti-cold (EN 511), water-repellent forestry gloves ( EN 420), mitten glove, and latex gardening gloves. Fourth, EN 352-1 standard earmuffs and headphones. Fifthly, protective masks that meet the EN 149 standard. Sixth, fall protection kits with protective harnesses and fall arrest strap anchorage lanyard, very important for cutting branches and trees at height. Lately, our online store also offers various items such as tool bags, kits and emergency cases, or even socks.