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      Portwest Goggles INDIRECT VENTILATION
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        Portwest Headband with Protective Shield
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      • cordon à lunettes
          100 Cords for glasses
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        • Lunettes de protection Caterpillar Tread Blanc
            Caterpillar Tread Goggles
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              Portwest Chemical Goggles
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              Portwest WRAP AROUND PRO Goggles
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                Portwest PW DEFENDER Goggles
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                  Portwest PW SCREEN PLUS Goggles
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                    Portwest LEVO Goggles
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                      Portwest LITE SAFETY Goggles
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                        Portwest FOSSA Goggles
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                          Portwest CURVO Goggles
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                            Portwest UMBRA Polarized Goggles
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                              Portwest BOLD PRO Goggles
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                                Portwest LUCENT Goggles
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                                Portwest SAFEGUARD Goggles
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                                Regatta Professional GAZE safety glasses
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                                Regatta Professional SURVEILLANCE safety glasses
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                                Regatta Professional VIGILANCE safety glasses
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                              • Noir / orange
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                                Regatta Professional OBSERVATION safety glasses
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                                Protecting your sight is very important, whether in the professional field or in everyday life. It is through our eyes that we perceive the world around us. Today, some people do not pay enough attention to the importance of eye protection and often damage them dangerously without even knowing it. In the world of work, sight is essential and is very frequently subject to aggressions such as dust, strong light, chemical substances or even shocks. It is for this reason that it is essential to properly protect the eyes from these dangers to keep them intact and healthy.

                                By simple definition, protective glasses are closed glasses that completely cover the eyes to offer them optimal protection against external aggressions. They have been designed with very resistant materials capable of withstanding shocks and pressure. They originate from an Alaskan tribe called “Yupiks” who used reindeer bones to protect their eyes. Basically, they were used to decrease the brightness of light reflection. Later, in the 20th century, glasses were improved and used by car drivers to keep their eyes free from dust. From there were born the famous protective glasses which, today, have become very versatile. They are necessary, even mandatory in some sectors.

                                Protective glasses: safety first

                                Certain jobs such as carpentry, construction work or welding, requires wearing suitable equipment. In these areas, the eyes face more danger than other parts of the body. That's why you have to be well equipped. Incidents such as flying debris, dangerous objects or any other potentially dangerous substance can occur while you are working. With protective glasses, the eyes are protected from many dangers and even the most violent shocks remain less. The materials used also play an important role in the robustness of the equipment, and it is this criterion that differentiates protective glasses from conventional glasses. In order to provide better impact resistance, the lenses of the protective glasses are made from polycarbonate. In addition to protecting against impact, this type of goggle also helps to avoid the harmful effects of UV rays, strong light, fogging and, depending on the model, heat.

                                Choose suitable protective glasses

                                Depending on your activity, you can choose different types of glasses. You should know that there are several categories and qualities of protective glasses: models for carpentry, lumberjack glasses, heavy machinery operator glasses, etc. First of all, you have to determine in which sector you want to use them. Then, regarding the material of the product, it is recommended to choose polycarbonate. In the case of welding work, for example, there are more risks, so it is better to choose unbreakable and heat-resistant glass. The risks incurred during work also make it possible to determine the type of goggles adapted: do you need more protection from dust, debris, liquids, fog, radiation or heat? It will basically depend on the job. In particular, there are two main categories of protective glasses: there are branch glasses which favor comfort and goggles which are much more secure because they cover the eyes well. These goggles can be accompanied by safety shoes, work clothes, and other personal protective equipment.

                                Benefits of wearing safety glasses at work

                                Obviously the main benefit of goggles is, as the name suggests, eye protection, but how far does that protection go? Long story short, here's a rundown of the positives of goggles:

                                • Protection against light reflection
                                • Resistance to impact and flying objects and hazardous debris
                                • Practical and robust
                                • Protect the eyes from UV rays
                                • Comfortable, anti-fog glasses.

                                Bolle goggles:

                                These are some of the most comfortable glasses out there. They have a flexible frame and are light, which will make your work much more pleasant.

                                Where to find and buy chemical protective goggles?

                                Safety is important, which is why we recommend that you wear chemical goggles for your experiments, which is why Oxwork offers you several ranges of goggles to accompany you.

                                The best protective lenses

                                One of the best brands for protective lenses is Oakley. They are high quality, stylish and extremely durable.

                                The best chemical goggles

                                Eye safety is very important. This is why I recommend that you use goggles that have been approved by the FDA to protect your eyes.

                                Chemical components and their presence in the environment

                                The presence of chemicals in the environment is a concern for many people. Some substances are toxic, while others have no effect on human health.

                                How to choose protective glasses?

                                Standards for protective eyewear before buying

                                In order to guarantee better eye protection, goggles must be designed according to several current safety standards. The EN 166 standard is the basic standard for all eye protection. This requires optical quality, resistance to common risks and mechanical risks as well as resistance to shocks. Thus, the technical information on goggle lenses should generally contain the degree of protection, the identification mark of the manufacturer, the optical class, the certification mark, the abbreviation for the mechanical resistance and the abbreviation for the non-adherence of molten metals. However, other standards apply to certain protective eyewear. Here are the details:

                                • EN 169: Passive filters for welding and related techniques.
                                • EN 170: Ultraviolet filters.
                                • EN 172: Sun protection filters for industrial use.
                                • EN 175: Equipment for welding work (solidity, electrical insulation, thermal and physiological stability)
                                • EN 379: Active filters for welding with variable protection stage or with double protection stage.
                                • EN 1731: Mesh face shield.
                                • EN 1836: Sun protection filter for leisure and sport.