Safety sandals S1P

S1P safety sandals are positioned as essential personal protective equipment for various professionals, particularly in the industrial, mechanical and construction sectors, offering optimal protection against the risks of slipping, perforations, crushing and shocks.

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  1. Blanc
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    Portwest S1 SRC Ebro Steelite ESD Safety Sandals
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  2. Noir / Rouge
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    Safety sandals Lemaitre DEFENDER S1P ESD
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  3. Noir
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    Portwest Steelite S1 Safety Sandals
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    Portwest S1 Obra Steelite Safety Sandal
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  5. Noir
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    Portwest Steelite Ultra S1P Safety Sandal
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  6. Bleu
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    Lemaitre SANDFOX S1 SRC low safety shoe 100% non-metallic
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  7. Noir
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    Safety sandal Lemaitre SPRINTER BLACK S1 SRC
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  8. Bleu
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    Safety Jogger Sonora S1P safety sandals
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  9. Sandales de sécurité Lemaitre Ampera S1 ESD SRC Blanches
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    Safety sandals Lemaitre Ampera S1 ESD SRC
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  10. Gris / Orange
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    Safety sandals Lemaitre Sprinter S1 SRC
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  11. Noir
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    Lemaitre Blackdragster S1 SRC safety sandals
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12 Items

Set Descending Direction

Compared to the plurality of risks such as slipping, perforation, crushing or the risk of shocks, a large number of professionals are obliged to wear safety shoes. These personal protective equipment are essential insofar as they protect the feet. The s1p safety sandals are suitable for different sectors of activity in a dry environment. In order to meet the requirements for a work shoe, safety sandals must have different characteristics.

Meaning of the s1p standard

The s1p standard shoes are suitable for mechanics, painters, electricians, truck drivers and workers in the industrial sector, interior craftsmen, or even all professionals working in an environment where oil mineral and hydrocarbon are present. In other words, the standard indicates protection against thermal, mechanical and chemical risks. This type of shoe is used for indoor work and light work. This is the case with safety sandals.

Each s1p shoe is framed by theEN ISO 20345 standard. It has safety criteria granting comfort, harmlessness, protective toe cap, abrasion resistance and slips.

This standard brings together the requirement stating:

  • the provision of a anti-perforation (P) sole and a closed back
  • an antistatic property (A)
  • the resistance of the bit against impact and crushing
  • energy absorption in the heel (E)
  • resistance against oil and hydrocarbon (FO) (FO)

Features of s1p safety sandals

Safety sandals offer comfort and protection in the middle of summer. In addition to having all the specificities of standard s1p shoes, they have a ventilation system optimizing the ventilation of the feet. These sandals must be chosen according to the risks involved and the working condition.

The models are very varied, ranging from leather materials to microfiber. Those that are closed have a velcro closure or a speed lacing system. The materials used are focused on innovation for its manufacture. Depending on the user's needs, the end caps can be made of steel, aluminum or plastic.

These safety sandals are generally equipped with a protective shell and a non-slip sole complying with SRA standards, SRB , or even SRC, that is to say anti-perforation soles, and resistant in addition to being light. For more protection, other additional standards can be found on s1p safety sandals, in particular, the CI standard for cold insulation, the HRO for the resistance of the soles to direct heat of up to 300°C, and the ESD standard for dissipating electrical charges.

Models of s1p safety sandals

Safety sandals don't always look like work shoes in their stylish appearance. Yet they offer optimum protection. There are various choices of models to suit the tastes of men and women, all suitable for any field of work.

The Safety Jogger Sonora s1p work sandal

It's the perfect ally for the summer season. In blue, the Safety Jogger safety sandal combines safety, comfort and aesthetics in a single shoe. Made of nubuck leather, it is equipped with a breathable nylon mesh lining. This anti-static safety sandal has an anti-perforation (steel), non-slip, and oil-resistant SRC sole. It has a steel toe.

The Lemaitre Defender s1p ESD safety sandal for men

Its lightness and robustness make it the ideal safety sandal for any activity in industry, construction, logistics and transport. It offers comfort as well as complete ventilation with three-dimensional and synthetic textiles at the feet of the wearer. In addition, it is waterproof.

This Lemaitre Defender sandal is distinguished by its polycarbonate protective shell and its midsoles in flexible textiles. It is made of split leather with a velvet finish to bring modernity to the shoes.

The Steelite Ultra s1p safety sandal for women

This safety sandal from the Portwest brand is well suited for the hot season thanks to its good ventilation, its lining and its comfort. Like any s1p safety shoe, it has anti-perforation and anti-slip soles, but in SRC, the highest standard in terms of protection. It is very popular thanks to its leather outer material which gives a trendy look to workers.