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  1. Washable barrier mask AFNOR UNS1 Boldoduc
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    Washable barrier mask AFNOR UNS1 Boldoduc
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  2. Cat UNS1 Clear Protect Adult Washable Barrier Mask (Pack of 6)
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    Cat UNS1 Clear Protect Adult Washable Barrier Mask (Pack of 6)
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  3. Masque réutilisable tissu antimicrobien 3 couches Portwest (Boite de 25)
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    Portwest Reusable 3-Layer Antimicrobial Fabric Face Mask (Box of 25)
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    La Lainière M3LH001 3-ply washable protective masks (Pack of 10)
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5 Items

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A strong increase in the need for protective masks has been felt since the health situation in France and the whole world, to fight against the spread of the coronavirus in particular (Covid-19).

Use of barrier masks

As part of personal protective equipment, barrier masks are filtering devices which cover the nose, mouth and chin. They are designed to protect the user against the spread of the coronavirus. Wearing a barrier mask makes it possible to limit/reduce the risk of contamination. Indeed, each barrier mask must pass the filtration capacity and breathability test before obtaining authorization for sale.

In addition, you must wear your mask for better protection. Before handling the mask, you must wash your hands. To put it on, you have to take it by its elastic bands or by its straps, and make sure that it completely covers the nose to the chin. It is necessary to adjust your mask as best you can for stability and comfort.

Washable fabric barrier masks category 1/2: non-sanitary mask

The barrier masks are to be added to the social safety distances and the essential barrier gestures. These masks are offered to the general public, knowing that the masks FFP1 , FFP2, FFP3 and surgical masks are reserved for personnel at health, body medical .

Two new categories of masks for non-sanitary use have been created thanks to the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM), and ANSES to prevent the projection of droplets.

Category 1: individual masks for use by professionals in contact with the public.

These masks are intended for workers in positions or carrying out a mission in regular contact with the public.

Category 2: masks for collective use to protect an entire group wearing these masks.

These masks are intended for personnel who have occasional contact with other individuals.

Reusable barrier mask: complement to barrier gestures

It is important to remember that barrier masks are additional equipment to protect yourself from the virus, this equipment can for example be supplemented by gloves, but be careful, you must always continue to respect barrier gestures to reduce the risk of transmission.

7 barrier gestures

To curb the spread of the coronavirus

- It is strongly recommended to stay at home and limit travel.

- It is recommended to cough into your elbow.

- It is recommended to avoid touching your face.

- It is recommended to use single-use tissues and dispose of them.

- It is recommended to greet each other from afar.

- It is recommended to keep a social distance (safe distance)

- It is also recommended to wash your hands often.

These simple gestures accompanied by protective equipment can slow the progression of the virus and limit the risks. It is therefore important not to neglect these gestures for your own protection and for the protection of the people around you.

Unlike disposable masks, most barrier masks are reusable and washable. These masks will therefore make it possible to overcome the shortage of masks.

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