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Since 1880

Specialist in the manufacture of work clothes since 1880, the company LEBEURRE, through its brand LMA WORKWEAR 1880, is a known and recognized player in the professional clothing sector. Regardless of sector of activity (crafts, industry, construction, painting, cooking, etc.), LMA WORKWEAR 1880 offers work clothes adapted to each profession and each season. Since 1880, because it is essential to stay as close as possible to the expectations of its customers, LMA WORKWEAR 1880 renews and extends its offer, its services and products to best meet each need. Innovation is at the heart of manufacturing of every LMA WORKWEAR 1880 garment.




Trendy with its neat and practical finish thanks to its many pockets


Resistant to any test with its knee pad pockets in 900D Oxford


Mostly made of cotton for a comfortable practice


Specialist in the manufacture of work clothes since 1880, the company LEBEURRE, in through its brand LMA WORKWEAR 1880, is a known and recognized player in the clothing sector professional. Guided by innovation and the search for excellence, LMA WORKWEAR 1880 offers a wide range of comfortable and resistant work clothes, meeting at the highest level of professional requirement.

LMA workwear 1880: a family business

Since 1880, seven generations have succeeded in making the LMA WORKWEAR brand last 1880 and develop the most suitable workwear for professionals. In 140 years, the know-how and the quality of services have constantly improved to meet expectations. Even today, LMA WORKWEAR 1880 continues to reinvent itself through the development of its clothes.

LMA clothing: a French design

Aesthetics, the LMA WORKWEAR 1880 clothes are designed in France (in the Somme department) by the style office integrated into the company. This develops all the articles offered. Always at listening to customers, the style office designs ranges of clothing to anticipate demand. The stylists create items thought out down to the smallest detail by offering designs neat and adapted to each profession.

LMA Lebeurre: an international production

Since 1880, LMA WORKWEAR 1880 has managed all of its productions. In order to provide items endowed with an optimal quality/price ratio, the company manages its productions internationally, in two main areas:

  • In Asia, for large manufacturing
  • In the Maghreb, for limited series and special productions

LMA WORKWEAR 1880 controls the entire manufacturing process: from the selection and from the purchase of fabrics, supplies (buttons, zips, etc.) and patterns to sales items (packaging, labels, catalogs...). International logistics is also managed from offices in France, in order to control the traceability of all manufacturing.

LMA: controlled quality

True to its values, LMA WORKWEAR 1880 fully controls its production chain. From fabric development to garment design, LMA WORKWEAR 1880 is committed to following all product development and manufacturing process:

  • Design
  • Procurement of carefully selected raw materials
  • Reception
  • Shipping orders

All fabrics and garments are subject to quality controls. Each step of production of clothes and accessories LMA is controlled by the teams:

In France: fabrics, measurement control

On site: compliance with manufacturing processes

This monitoring ensures an excellent level of quality for comfortable and resistant work clothes.