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  1. Combinaison multipoches Dickies EVERYDAY Gris
      Dickies EVERYDAY multipocket coverall
      As low as €61.10 €50.92
    • Casquette Dickies 100 % coton LOGO
        Dickies 100% Cotton LOGO Cap
        As low as €28.52 €23.77
      • T-shirt  protection chaleur UV 40+ Dickies TEMP-IQ marine
        • Sweat shirt de travail Dickies OKEMO gris
            Dickies OKEMO work sweatshirt
            As low as €46.84 €39.03
          • Leggings de travail multipoche renforcé femme PERFORMANCE
            • Free delivery
          • T-Shirt Poche Poitrine à Manches Courtes 100% coton Dickies Blanc
            • Jaune
                Dickies Hi-Vis Waterproof Jacket
                As low as €51.35 €42.79
              • T-shirt de travail Dickies DENNISON Gris
                • Outlet -40
                Dickies DENNISON Work T-Shirt
                As low as €18.32 €15.27 Regular Price €30.54
              • Noir
                  Dickies EVADALE acrylic work cap
                  As low as €24.46 €20.38
                • Genouillères incurvées Dickies
                    Dickies Curved Knee Pads
                    As low as €18.34 €15.28
                  • Chemise bucheron matelassée Dickies PORTLAND rouge
                      Dickies PORTLAND Quilted Shirt
                      As low as €61.10 €50.92
                    • Jaune
                      • Outlet -40
                      Dickies Two Tone High Visibility Work Parka
                      As low as €34.79 €28.99 Regular Price €57.97
                    • Jaune
                      • Outlet -40
                      Dickies road safety vest
                      As low as €3.55 €2.96 Regular Price €5.92
                    • Noir
                      • Outlet -40
                      Dickies Warm Long Work Trunks
                      As low as €17.96 €14.97 Regular Price €29.94
                    • Pantalon de travail Eisenhower multi-poches Dickies marine
                      • Outlet -40
                      Dickies Eisenhower multi-pocket work trousers
                      As low as €36.66 €30.55 Regular Price €61.10
                    • Combinaison de travail Redhawk Dickies Marine
                        Dickies Redhawk Work Coverall
                        As low as €67.22 €56.02
                      • beige
                          Dickies Duo Tone Grafter Work Shorts
                          As low as €36.00 €30.00
                        • Pantalon de travail Redhawk Pro Dickies marine
                          • Outlet -40
                          Dickies Redhawk Pro Work Pant
                          As low as €30.54 €25.45 Regular Price €50.90
                        • Dickies Redhawk Multi-Pocket Work Pant
                            Dickies Redhawk Multi-Pocket Work Pant
                            As low as €29.63 €24.69
                          • Gris fonce
                            • Outlet -40
                            Redhawk Super Dickies work pants
                            As low as €16.60 €13.83 Regular Price €27.67
                          • beige
                            • Outlet -40
                            Dickies Duo Tone 290 Grafter work trousers
                            As low as €24.88 €20.73 Regular Price €41.45

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                          Dickies is a workwear brand - workwear - and personal protective equipment (PPE). But, it is also known for the quality of its complete range of street outfits. For professionals, Dickies products represent an essential solution to stay connected while having access to technical clothing, appropriate for the different seasons.

                          History and evolution of the brand

                          It was in Texas, in 1918, that two men decided to join forces to create horse-drawn vehicles and hats. They are respectively C.N. Williamson and E.E Dickie. At the same time, they offered their first work clothes on the market, from their company: U.S. Ovreall Company. These are overalls that have the particularity of be resistant.

                          Four years later, the company becomes "Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company". Work overalls spread very quickly, because they not only valued the work, but made the worker proud. Between 1930 and 1935, the company's turnover was doubled and 250 new workers were recruited. Production and hiring were entirely feasible since the shareholders refuse to earn a salary.

                          During World War II, Dickies had to produce millions of armed forces uniforms. After the conflict, the company affirms its workwear style and decides to increase its production by creating new adapted tools, storage places, distribution solutions... The company's objective: “the conquest of the world with the geographic expansion of its brand”.

                          Around the 1950s, Dickies established itself in Europe and the Middle East. Oil professionals dress in Dickies workwear both on the rigs and in the oil fields. Today, the brand has become the world leader in branded and customized professional clothing. Its distributors include Oxwork, the online store specializing in the sale of work clothes and PPE.

                          Dickies, present on Oxwork - Pants / jacket / shirt / overalls / waistcoat /etc

                          On Oxwork, several selections of personal protective equipment and workwear from the Dickies brand are available. There are several features to choose from; professionals will have no trouble finding what suits their needs and tastes. But individuals will also undoubtedly be interested in these items that promise durability and efficiency.

                          Types of Dickies workwear - Men's and Women's

                          Dickies designs and materializes all types of clothing that professionals in various sectors need. The brand also offers clothing ranges for children and adults, men and women. Work vests (may be high visibility), shirts, trousers, T-shirts, jackets, polo shirts, rain suits are among the many references in the catalogue. There are also sweatshirts, shorts, jackets and blouses.

                          Types of Dickies accessories

                          Dickies also provides professionals with a large number of accessories and underwear. Work underpants with technicalities allow workers to enjoy comfort and practicality. There are also socks, suitable for different seasons, neck guards, soles, boots, hats. Breathing masks, caps and safety glasses are also signed Dickies. There is something for all tastes and for all needs.

                          References for children

                          For children, Dickies offers quality clothing. The sizes available are for little ones from 4 to 12 years old. There is a wide choice for boys and girls. As these are children, the clothes do not concern the professional environment, but rather the streetwear style.

                          Dickies: the resistance still there!

                          Dickies workwear, accessories and boots have different technical properties. Each item is made to be functional, practical and comfortable. But what most identifies Dickies gear is the strength and durability. Although work equipment must be replaced regularly, you can be sure that Dickies clothing will last until it is replaced!

                          Where can I find and buy Dickies professional clothing? - Online store

                          Find our clothing ranges Dickies on Oxwork.com