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  1. Ecological kitchen cap ROBUR DORIE (set of 2)
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    Ecological kitchen cap ROBUR DORIE (set of 2)
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Eco-responsible cap, only organic cotton counts?

An eco-designed cap is a cap made with ecological materials: components made of recycled plastic from, for example, plastic bottles, leather of vegetable origin, organic cotton. This makes it possible to adopt a more sustainable manufacturing method that promotes respect for the environment.

The ethical or responsible qualification also involves the working conditions of employees during production as well as correct remuneration.

An ecological cap that suits both women and men

The Robur brand is following the path of change by offering an ecological cap. Its warm and natural colors make it suitable for all genders, moreover it is available in several colors.

Its visor, buttons and buttons are made of cork, a natural and environmentally friendly component.

The headpiece is partly made of recycled polyester. The head circumference is adjustable thanks to an adjustable rear closure for greater comfort when wearing the cap.

Do not hesitate, to complete your style, to combine this cap with the Robur Ecume or Detroit work trousers.

Tips for choosing the right cap

So, in order for you to find the right cap for your look, or rather your style, here are some practical tips:

  • Choose caps that match the colors of your everyday clothes. The accessories as well as the work clothes you wear must also have a certain elegance in the workwear style. Just like workwear on Oxwork, our caps are available in all colors.
  • Always make sure to choose a versatile style. Your cap should work harmoniously with different work clothes such as jackets, t-shirts, polo shirts, vests, pants, cropped pants and even shorts. Oxwork has a wide range of products for professionals among which you can combine your cap to have a trendy look.
  • Choose a cap for the right use. You can wear professional clothing and PPE for your work so that you are well protected. But, if you choose a cap that is not suitable for your working conditions, you could risk having an accident, minor or major.
  • Be sure to buy work caps from accredited retailers such as Oxwork to ensure they are made from quality materials and sold at a good value.

Oxwork now offers an eco-responsible cap for those who want to work while being green. You can complete your eco-friendly style on our page dedicated to our eco-friendly offers. You can find tops, bottoms, but also safety shoes as well as gloves.

I no longer want my cap, what should I do?

If I no longer want to wear my cap and it is still in good condition, I can resell it on a second-hand site.

If it is too damaged, I look for a collection point so that it can be recycled in the appropriate sector. Above all, I don't throw my cap in the normal trash can! This causes a problem in the recovery of my other waste.