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Oxwork promotes eco-responsible fashion in workwear

From recycled safety shoes, to recycled high visibility jackets and t-shirts, to organic cotton jeans and trousers... We offer you a complete range of ecological products to equip you for work from head to toe We offer a complete range of eco-friendly products to equip you for work from head to toe: you can design your own eco-friendly work clothes.


Because we believe that there is no choice between safety at work and respect for the planet, we offer a wide range of eco-responsible work clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and even children. They combine ecological materials, compliance with standards, aesthetics and ethics.


The items we offer are designed by committed manufacturers and brands, who are driving change in the PPE and workwear industry. You can finally reconcile your safety at work with your ecological values.


1Carefully selected brands

In order to offer you the best eco-responsible brands in our catalogue, we choose them with the greatest care based on precise criteria (standards and certifications, recycled fibres, sustainable materials, quality requirements, etc.). solidarity partnerships, quality requirements...).

100% organic materials
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2Clothing designed to last

We offer you quality, durable clothing and PPE that will last for years. All the products we offer are durable, made from environmentally friendly materials, such as recycled fibres, vegetable fibres or natural fibres...

Respect for workers Respect for workers 2Respect for workers 3

3Respect for workers

The environmental aspect is not the only concern in ecology, we must not forget the social aspect. We therefore take care to work with partners who produce their collections with respect and fair remuneration for their workers and craftsmen. of their workers and craftsmen.


The workwear we include in our catalogue always complies with standards and certifications. They are certified:

Logo GOTS standards


This certification guarantees the organic status of the textile fibres used and ensures that the processes throughout the value chain are socially responsible and environmentally friendly.
Logo OCS standards


This standard relies on third party organisations to certify the presence and quality of organic materials in a finished product. It guarantees the traceability of raw materials throughout the manufacturing process.
Logo RCS standards


This standard controls the presence and proposal of a recycled component in a final product.
Logo GRS standards


The GRS standard aims to monitor the recycled content of intermediate and finished products. The aim is to ensure that the manufacturing process and the social and environmental practices of companies are sustainable and responsible.
Logo EVE Vegan standards


The EVE VEGAN label certifies that the products are produced without any trace of animal matter (products from breeding, slaughter, hunting and fishing). It also guarantees products that are not tested on live animals. The control is carried out along the entire the entire value chain


Clothing with eco-friendly material

We all have a role to play in protecting the environment. You can take small steps like choosing eco-friendly clothes made from recycled materials or reducing your use of plastic bags when you go shopping.

Now more than ever, people want clothes that are made from sustainable materials and support environmental causes. In response to this, eco-fashion is booming as designers in the textile industry looking for new ways to care about the environment and their environmental impact in their work.

Green is our colour. We care about the environment and we want you to do the same!

An ethical practice linked to the environment, discover our eco-friendly brands in our online shop!

Some of the world's most innovative and environmentally friendly brands are here at your fingertips, find their catalogue on our website!

Work accessories for men and women

The work tops and work bottoms we offer are made with at least 80% of organic cotton from organic farming or from the polyester recycled. So with this workwear for men and women, you can find work jeans in organic cotton, jumpers, sweatshirts and t-shirts in organic cotton, high visibility jackets or softshell in recycled polyester...

To complete your eco-friendly workwear, you will also find a range of safety shoes and ecological work shoes that are comfortable and resistant. These are safety shoes recycled from plastic or vegan bottles. Certified to EN 20345, or EN 20347, they will allow you to protect yourself while working, while respecting an ecological approach.

Without forgetting of course all the accessories such as caps and hats and PPE such as recycled work gloves.

Where to buy responsible, ecological and fair trade clothing?

With Oxwork, an online shop where every little action makes a big difference, consume sustainably and be a change agent yourself.

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