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  1. Gris
      Blaklader wool cap
      As low as €22.54 €18.78
    • Noir
        Helly Hansen KENSINGTON FLAT TRUCKER Cap
        As low as €24.00 €20.00
      • Ecological kitchen cap ROBUR DORIE (set of 2)
        • Eco-responsible
      • Noir
          Carhartt ACHALAND 100% cotton cap
          As low as €28.56 €23.80
        • Noir
            Result 100% cotton cap
            As low as €4.12 €3.43
          • Casquette Dickies 100 % coton LOGO
              Dickies 100% Cotton LOGO Cap
              As low as €28.52 €23.77
            • Casquette anti-heurt AirTech Micro Peak Portwest Bleu
                Portwest AirTech Micro Peak Bump Cap
                As low as €13.91 €11.59
              • Casquette fluorescente 5 panneaux WK Designed To Work Jaune
                • Casquette d’hiver fluorescente WK. Designed To Work - Jaune
                  • Casquette de baseball avec impression 3D Blaklader bleu pétrole
                      Baseball cap with Blaklader 3D print
                      As low as €22.03 €18.36
                    • Blanc
                      • Free delivery
                    • Casquette à résille Portwest
                        Portwest Fishnet Cap
                        As low as €2.95 €2.46
                      • Orange fluo
                        • Bleu Marine
                            Result fleece cap
                            As low as €7.96 €6.63
                          • Noir
                              Portwest Baseball Cap
                              As low as €3.35 €2.79
                            • Orange
                                Result high visibility cap
                                As low as €8.54 €7.12
                              • Noir
                                  Cap Odessa CARHARTT
                                  As low as €22.84 €19.03
                                • Noir/Orange
                                    Helly Hansen KENSINGTON FLAT BRIM Cap
                                    As low as €27.60 €23.00
                                  • Noir
                                      Portwest SHORT VISOR Bump Cap
                                      As low as €9.85 €8.21
                                    • Jaune
                                      • Outlet -40
                                      Yoko HI VIZ High Visibility Bump Cap
                                      As low as €9.37 €7.81 Regular Price €15.62
                                    • Anthracite
                                        Uvex U-CAP PREMIUM short visor bump cap
                                        As low as €29.44 €24.53
                                      • Noir
                                          Portwest Bump Cap
                                          As low as €12.76 €10.63
                                        • Gris
                                            Portwest Vented Bump Cap
                                            As low as €13.91 €11.59
                                          • Orange
                                              Portwest High Visibility Bump Cap
                                              As low as €13.91 €11.59
                                            • Jaune
                                                Portwest Air Tech Vented Bump Cap
                                                As low as €14.96 €12.47

                                              28 Items

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                                              In the workplace, the cap has a role that is often overlooked by the general public. However, it is one of the accessories favored by many structures to equip their staff. Depending on the working conditions and the related constraints, several types of cap are available.

                                              The different roles of the protective cap at work - Man / Woman

                                              Its role varies depending on the work environment where it is used. The work cap can have a basic role and serve to standardize work clothes. It can be an additional accessory to make the difference between certain positions. It can be carried by an order picker, a waiter, etc.

                                              Some caps are made to provide comfort depending on the season. It can: protect from the sun. This is the very essence of the visor, but models are also designed to be particularly breathable and wick away perspiration quickly for maximum comfort. To protect against extreme cold, a fleece fabric is used and added elements.

                                              In some cases, it will serve to protect a space from anything that can contaminate it. This is particularly the case of the disposable fishnet cap which has the role of preventing hair from falling in a given space. It is particularly used in the catering industry. Some caps are also called catering caps.

                                              Other caps are high visibility and used for outdoor work. Their primary role is to increase the visibility of their wearer. They are equipped with reflective strips to better distinguish the wearer when visibility is very low.

                                              Finally, the cap can be an anti-bump accessory that, in general, is used for indoor activities. In this case, it will have the role of protecting the head from the risk of collisions against fixed and hard objects which can cause cuts or superficial injuries. It is worn to protect the skull (except the top).

                                              The norm EN 812 and the amendment NF EN 812/A1 are the rules that govern the design of a bump cap. As mentioned above, it will provide protection to the wearer's head against hitting a hard, stationary object for avoid superficial wounds or cuts. For this, a protective shell will be embedded in the cap. But if it is effective in protecting against collisions, it in no way replaces a helmet which protects against falling objects. Despite the inlaid shell, the constitution of the latter is too fragile to effectively protect the head against a falling object. Once this type of risk is identified, the cap must be replaced by a hard hat.

                                              The bump cap is generally used for indoor activities such as plumbing, auto repair, etc. But surprisingly enough, it is also widely used in the food industry for its easy decontamination thanks to its shape.

                                              To date, the crash cap, and particularly the shell, is the only one to be subject to strict design rules. No other specific requirement was mentioned for the addition of other elements such as an ear cover to use the cap in extreme cold, for example. The rest of the work caps must have the CE certification which allows the circulation of products in Europe.

                                              The pro work cap: a modern and professional accessory

                                              Apart from the disposable cap, and possibly the service cap, the Oxwork work cap now has a modern design. Both in shape and color, it's a stylish accessory that you can wear in everyday life and that happens to be very fashionable at the moment.

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