Discover our stretch range designed to make your daily work easier. These technical stretch garments offer you comfort, functionality and an extremely sporty look: no need to change after work to put on more comfortable clothes!

The stretch
What is it?

The word stretch means in English “to stretch”. As its name suggests, stretch fabric is a fabric that stretches, is extensible and instantly returns to its original shape. The manufacture of the stretch fabric follows a process of mixing materials between a non-stretch yarn and a woven stretch yarn. Stretch fabrics are mainly composed of elastane between 2 and 3%, a synthetic fiber with elastic properties. This fiber is extremely resistant, light as a second skin, the stretch fabric dries quickly. Very appreciable properties for professional clothing. Typically, spandex is blended with polyester, cotton, and other fibers to achieve a flexible fit.

Innovative technology

Benefit from more comfort and practicality, feel at ease, change posture without difficulty, have great freedom of movement. Having a sporty and casual look, here are the main advantages of stretch workwear. The design of professional outfits has evolved. In order to offer more ease to professionals, the Workwear brands have made more comfortable workwear ranges: stretch work pants, stretch jeans or even stretch shorts, the choice is widening.




Where to buy men's stretch work pants?

Among the different brands that we offer on our website, some of them offer pants, cropped trousers, jeans for men and women with various details: multifunction pockets, floating pockets, reflective strips, knee pads, etc. This is particularly the case for the following brands: LMA, Blaklader, Cahartt, etc come and make your choice at

How much does a stretch cost?

Oxwork offers a wide range of clothing made from stretch fabric: tops, bottoms and accessories available in different price ranges . Who says work clothes says functionality, which is why we offer many stretch trousers with multifunction pockets.
Comfort, functionality, you will find what you are looking for on our website.