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Discover a new era of safety footwear with Oxwork, where protection meets elegance. Our safety shoes, ranging from lightweight, stylish sneakers to dressy models, offer optimal protection in accordance with current standards, while ensuring maximum comfort and impeccable style.

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      Brogue Steelite S1P Portwest City Shoe
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    9 Items

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    Pro safety shoes and work shoes: the differences

    Long associated with the big heavy shoe, without finesse and shapeless, the safety shoe has had a facelift to find a place on the shelf of ordinary stores. The dress safety shoe has revolutionized worker safety. Now, it can be worn with a formal outfit as well as on a construction site. A point on this PPE like no other.

    Before focusing on dress safety shoes, let's start by differentiating them from work shoessimple. The safety shoe is a work shoe, but the work shoe is not necessarily a safety shoe.

    The main difference between these categories of shoes is the protective shell at the front of the safety shoe, (avoids any risk of downgrading) but absent on the simple work shoe. The role of this shell is to protect against crushing and shocks.

    Fashion and design: lightweight safety trainers, perfect for the city

    The safety shoe is available in various models. The most timeless model: the safety sneakers which are more flexible (sole) and offer a chic and modern look. Their sporty-looking design brings style to work clothes, without neglecting the protective function and allows you to have a suitable look when going out in town after work.

    Their strengths lie in the lightweight and ventilated textiles, the ultra-comfort sole, the adherent studs and the thin shape close to the foot .

    The function of dress safety shoes

    Of course, this shoe has the particularity of having the design of a city shoe, but the fact remains that it is a safety shoe. With no less than 7% of accidents involving the feet, it is not a luxury to be well equipped to protect the feet when the working conditions and the environment require it. By adopting these shoes, the worker will protect his feet from accidents that may occur at any time. This protection will be provided in particular by the protective shell with which it must be equipped.

    Dress safety shoes, also called business safety shoes, are aimed at a certain category of professional. Occupational doctor, architect, safety manager are just as many workers who can evolve on a construction site without being an active field agent. This shoe is therefore the ideal combination of protection, chic and practicality.

    Professionals who make several visits to several construction sites will also find this shoe practical since they can swap their overalls for a more formal outfit without having to change shoes. They will also be perfectly adequate to equip customers who wish to visit a construction site.

    As safety shoes are above all designed to protect, their role will also be to provide maximum comfort during working hours. This dressed version is precisely ideal to bring comfort and the lightness necessary for its wearer to evolve comfortably throughout the day.

    Professional footwear design standards

    All safety shoes have a common basic standard: the EN 20345 standard. It is from there that other standards are added that will best protect workers according to the conditions they encounter and their work environment.

    The business safety shoe is generally placed in the category S3 of the aforementioned standard. This category has the highest level of protection of safety shoes. It will have a thinner shell than the toe caps of traditional safety shoes, the shoe must also be antistatic and absorb energy at the heel. It must be water-repellent, resistant to water, mineral oils and hydrocarbons, and must have an anti-perforation sole.

    Other standards called "additional standards" (WR, SRC HRO, etc.) can still be added. Their objective will be to allow the shoes to stick as well as possible to the special conditions encountered by the worker and to offer him the most optimal protection possible.

    The best inexpensive business safety shoes for everyone - Men / Women

    With the women who are more and more numerous in all areas of work, the demand for safety shoes created especially for them is increasingly high. In addition to the town shoe version for men, you will also find business safety shoes for women: boots, ballet flats and boots are available.

    Where to find and buy safety shoes?

    Oxwork supports you in the choice of your safety shoes, the wearing of shoes being essential for work, we make it a point of honor to offer you articles with the best know-how and the best quality. Find your brands at the best prices in your online store.Oxwork.com. We offer a wide choice of models, colors and sizes.