Ranger shoes, formerly reserved for military terrain, have made a comeback, positioning themselves as essentials for all professionals looking for robustness and comfort. Whether you are in the security sector, construction, or any other field requiring optimal foot protection, our Rangers are there to support you daily

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    CityGuard leather rangers
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    Magnum LYNX 8.0 SZ work shoes
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    Magnum LYNX 8.0 CT shell safety shoes
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    Rangers CityGuard MEGATECH
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    CityGuard MEGATECH Double Zip Boots
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    Rangers Magnum STRIKE FORCE 6.0 SZ
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    CityGuard MEGATECH Single Zip Padded Rangers
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    High safety shoes Portwest Brodequin Eden S3 HRO CI HI FO SRC
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    Safety Jogger SHARK S3 high safety shoes
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    High safety shoes Safety Jogger ARMOR S3 HRO SRC WR
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    High non-safety shoes Safety TACTIC SRA
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    High safety shoes Safety TROOPER S3 SRC WR
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  15. Chaussures d'intervention rangers non coquées agent de sécurité Parade STREET SRC HRO EN 20347
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    unshelled rangers security officer Parade STREET SRC HRO
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  16. Chaussures de sécurité montantes rangers pour agent de sécurité PARADE SELFER S3 SRC HRO
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    rangers for security guard PARADE SELFER S3 SRC HRO
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    High safety shoes Lemaitre APOLON N S3 CI SRC
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18 Items

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Ranger shoes are known for their rigidity and their waterproofness, initially military shoes, particularly from the French army, very solid, they allowed you to walk over long distances in extreme conditions with difficult terrain, without wearing them out. Today, many major brands of work shoes reuse the codes of this high shoe to make it a safety shoe suitable for all professional situations.

Ranger boots for men and women: for safety and comfort

Guaranteeing the optimal protection of the feet, in particular the ankles and the calves, the rangers for men are essential, even required for the execution of certain works. Depending on the type of work but also the location, workers must wear appropriate footwear to ensure their safety, but also their comfort.

Anxious to better meet the needs of professionals, Oxwork is there to guide professionals in their choice. Here, safety footwear features are detailed to help customers quickly and easily find the rangers that meet their specific needs.

Oxwork has a wide range of products with the assurance of impeccable quality. To work in the best possible conditions, workers must have the right equipment, and they will surely discover it on this site. Depending on the field of use, it would simply be necessary to base oneself on different criteria, namely the materials, the soles, the shells, the linings, the weight...

Everything must be thought out to facilitate movement, ensure good hygiene and avoid foot pain. The design is also one of the criteria not to be overlooked in the choice of work shoes. In this guide, Oxwork has selected the best rangers that meet the requirements of security professionals, the military.

Why choose the rangers offered by Oxwork?

As the risks for workers can be diversified, it is necessary to opt for suitable footwear. Heat, burns, slipping, falling heavy objects, presence of metal shavings, sprains, many dangers can be incurred by workers. Oxwork provides its customers with a fine selection of comfortable rangers, flexible, light, resistant, and are available in different styles. Leather upper, non-slip soles, breathable materials and much more, the men's rangers at Oxwork are synonymous with durability, quality and optimal comfort.

To reassure professionals, Oxwork only presents brand shoes that meet safety standards, models of high-performance rangers, robust and resistant to any test. Safety shoes or work shoes, everyone will find what they are looking for among this selection of rangers for men.

Brands of rangers for men and women

Oxwork relies above all on the quality of the products for sale on its platform in order to win over its customers. Well known by the military, gendarmes, police officers, firefighters, security guards, the CityGuard and Magnum brands are preferred. These are reputable labels and the rangers are designed with superior quality materials, fully adapted to prolonged wear. Prices vary depending on the model, but their common point remains lightness, flexibility and the guarantee of optimal protection.

Safety standards and levels

Safety shoes are constantly evolving, according to the needs of users. The standard ISO 20345, an international standard, corresponds to safety shoes, shell shoes with toe cap and impact resistance of 200 joules. Additional requirements have been added to this standard:

  • SB standard: Basic requirements: shoes equipped with a 200 joule protective shell, providing good support thanks to a non-slip sole and protecting against the risk of abrasion
  • SRA standard: Non-slip shoes, slip resistant, tested on a ceramic floor covered with water and detergent.
  • SRC standard: Shoes meeting SRA and SRB standards (slip resistance tested on steel ground covered with glycerin
  • HRO standard: Footwear resistant to heat of the outsole (up to 300°C)

EN ISO 20347: this standard corresponds to work shoes without a protective toe cap. work shoes for professional use which do not, however, protect against the risk of crushing and shocks.

Where to buy a pair of black, brown, leather, shell, low ranger shoes?

Security rangers are essential for many jobs, choosing the right shoe is crucial. Footwear protects against various risks. For those who work standing up, wearing the wrong shoes can have serious consequences, which is why Oxwork offers many models of rangers that ensure safety and comfort for professionals. We know how important this decision is, that's why we make sure to offer the best products.