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      Backpack Parade SYDNEY
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      Kimood beverage holder backpack
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          SEOUL Parade 2-in-1 Work Bag
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            Because safety rhymes with style, brands now offer work backpacks that are both stylish and resistant. Long preferred to the satchel, the backpack has become a real must-have for the urban worker. This ideal accessory for easily transporting work clothes and professional equipment. Being among the PPE, the backpack must be chosen according to the profession. Everything you need to know about professional backpacks!

            Carry your belongings correctly with the trendy, resistant and comfortable work backpack - Men's and Women's Bag

            Whether on a daily basis or on the go, transporting work items can sometimes be complicated. The question that arises is how to transport your work clothes without damaging them, especially when they are fragile.

            The backpack is an excellent alternative to this problem. Practical and functional, it meets the needs of all fields of activity. Workers, office workers or nurses will all appreciate its resistance and solidity. Indeed, this professional accessory protects clothes and other work equipment from humidity.

            Work backpack: Which bag to work with and how to choose it?

            Several elements must be considered to choose the most suitable professional backpack. Although this type of bag has many pockets, it is important that its main compartment is spacious enough. Most of the time, the work backpack is equipped with two compartments, lower and upper, allowing workers to distribute their belongings well. It is also essential to choose a model with enough inside and outside pockets. These discreet pockets are designed to hold your phone, wallet and important documents.

            Comfort is also an essential criterion for a work backpack. To do this, it is recommended to opt for a quality model with a padded back and straps. Finally, resistance should not be minimized. This type of backpack must be resistant to abrasions and tears so that the work equipment remains intact. It must also be impervious to moisture and water.

            Backpacks adapted to specific environments

            Sometimes certain areas of activity require you to wear specific equipment. To do this, there are a few types of work backpacks:

            • The trendy anti-snag backpack

            With an anti-entanglement system, this bag allows workers to be protected against the risk of being caught by moving machine parts. It is thus recommended in the 'mechanical industry, in the agricultural and timber industry. Robust and versatile, the anti-trap backpack can also be used when travelling.

            • High visibility backpack

            Some trades require workers to work at night, hence the importance of high visibility equipment. With plenty of pockets, the hi-vis backpack is perfect for these workers. It ensures their safety while carrying their belongings.

            • The laptop backpack

            As its name suggests, this backpack is designed to comfortably carry your laptop. It effectively protects cl computer equipment, whether to go to the office or during business trips. For optimal protection, it is recommended to wrap the laptop in a second protective cover. This will absorb shocks. Nowadays, the models offered are both practical and trendy.

            For tablets, it is best to cover it with a rigid case with flap which protects the screen and the back of the device.

            Apart from these few models, the professional backpack comes in a range of versions that vary according to the needs of the workers. Among other things, there is the insulated backpack ideal for transporting meals and drinks. It is able to retain both heat and coolness. Their common point is in their resistance, their quality and their solidity.