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          PPE and waterproof bag

          It may seem quite surprising, but dry bags are part of what is called PPE. Personal Protective Equipment is essential in certain sectors for employees in order to offer them maximum protection. But what does a dry bag have to do with protecting the health and safety of a worker? We tell you a little more about the subject to help you understand.

          Before getting to know the link between PPE and the dry bag, let's start by giving a brief reminder of what this acronym actually encompasses. Personal Protective Equipment is equipment or a set of equipment intended to protect people from the risks they incur for their health and safety in their workplace. Depending on the worker's sector of activity, PPE can also be an element that protects the employee from various nuisances such as noise.

          Different personal protective equipment ranges from harnesses to helmets, including safety shoes, visors, gloves or masks, protective clothing… In short , these are all the equipments that can serve as additional protection for a worker.

          We can actually ask ourselves the question: how does the waterproof bag protect its user? The bag is obviously not equipment that protects an agent, but simply an element that is generally used to carry said PPE.

          What is the waterproof bag actually used for?

          While the bag is not used as direct protection for an employee, it is nevertheless useful for transporting and protecting a worker's PPE. Transportation may be necessary when the employee has to move from one workstation or site to another.

          The waterproof bag can also meet high visibility standards, and thus allow its user to be better seen, when on a bicycle for example or working at night.

          As for its watertightness, it is useful for protecting equipment and ensuring that it does not deteriorate mainly due to humidity and that it is always operational in the open. use.

          The waterproof bag and its variations - Men and Women

          The dry bag comes in several models. We can cite in particular the shoulder bag carried by hand to simply transport the PPE kit from one place to another. There is also the backpack which is particularly useful for carrying out work at height without the waterproof bag hindering the ascent of the employee. Finally, we can also mention the various waterproof pockets, for tools (glasses, earplugs, etc., which are also part of the PPE) of a slightly smaller size than the previous models .

          The characteristics of the special PPE waterproof bag

          Because the waterproof bag has a preponderant role in the protection of the employee's protective equipment on the move, it must have certain characteristics before obtaining the qualification of "PPE bag". Unlike the various standards that govern work protection equipment, however, the design of the dry bag is much more free. Designers can also add certain criteria, but two points are non-negotiable:

          • The bag must be 100% waterproof. It can also be designed with canvas, nylon or high resistance polyester, but whatever material you choose, it must allow you to keep your contents dry. The guarantee of its watertightness must also be ensured by the right choice of closure, namely a foldable closure or a zipped closure, which is more waterproof over time and particularly recommended for work in immersion.
          • In the case of backpacks - used mostly to carry PPE when working in height or if the PPE is either too big for a pouch or too small for a large bag - it is designed with an easy open (a drawstring that tightens and loosens) that allows for easily reach useful items.

          Find our different ranges of waterproof bags in our online store Oxwork.com