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Do you love to go fishing or hunting? Oxwork invites you to discover its wide selection of thigh high boots and waders for women. You will find in our catalog a range of models adapted to all conditions of use, whether in marshes, in the middle of the forest or in the most humid places. Take advantage of our products selected from among the best and from the most reputable manufacturers when it comes to waders / waders, and even PPE.

Go hunting on your terms, not the weather

The swamp is not the most attractive hunting ground. It's cold and completely humid. And when the wind picks up, it puts your endurance to the test even more. These are valid reasons why you should wear good protection for your legs. Oxwork offers you thigh high boots / waders for women for more warmth and comfort. Choose from our naturally insulating neoprene thigh/waders or our thigh-high-boots/waders breathable with quilted insulation. Both types feature hand warmer and fleece lined chest pockets as well as tightly sealed boots protecting your feet. Choose from our selection to enjoy a hunt as you wish, without worrying about the cold or the water.

Go fishing in comfort

Few things can ruin a fishing as quickly as ill-fitting waders/waders. Where the two pads come together can restrict your mobility or, even worse, cause you to miss a hold. Our thigh high boots / waders for women are designed in cuts specifically made for the female body and are equipped with ways to adjust them to suit different body shapes and sizes. An adjustable gusset on the chest, side straps at the waist and hip, you will feel the difference.

Move freely anywhere

Casting lures, loading your weapon, changing your bait… whatever moves you make in the swamp or in the mud, you shouldn't have to constantly pull up your suspenders. The problem with basic waders/waders is a woman's shoulders are naturally narrower than a man's. The solution is provided by the Oxwork models which are equipped with straps taking this fact into account. A design more specific to the female morphology keeps the straps on your shoulders and gives you maximum mobility.

How to choose the right model of waders / waders for you?

Oxwork offers many women's waders / waders. But, although all models are designed for women, it is important that the one you choose meets your needs. There are several factors you need to consider when buying a wader or wader. Here are a few:

The conditions in which you will wear your waders

Although most of the waders / waders we offer are for outdoor activities, there are different types of areas where each is worn. It is also rare to find women's waders/waders that will meet the demands of all fishing and hunting locations.

For example, sturdy waders / waders are suitable for the cold season, but very uncomfortable in the summer. On the other hand, lightweight waders/waders are worn in shallow swamps. Once you know the nature of your fishing or hunting location, and the season, you can find the right model for you.

The material of your thigh / wader

Thigh high boots / waders for women are made from different materials. Each material has unique properties. The most common materials are rubber, PVC, canvas and neoprene.

You need to know the properties of each material before making a decision. These properties include strength, weight, durability, water resistance, scratch resistance, insulation and even