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  1. G-TEK nitrile coated knitted handling gloves (pack of 12 pairs)
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    G-TEK nitrile coated knitted handling gloves (pack of 12 pairs)
    As low as €8.22 €6.85 Regular Price €11.74
  2. G-TEK Nylon Knitted Handling Gloves (Pack of 12 Pairs)
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    G-TEK Nylon Knitted Handling Gloves (Pack of 12 Pairs)
    As low as €17.83 €14.86 Regular Price €25.48
  3. G-TEK Touchscreen Compatible Gloves (12 Pack)
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    G-TEK Touchscreen Compatible Gloves (12 Pack)
    As low as €58.13 €48.44 Regular Price €77.50
  4. NeoFoam G-TEK tactile cut-resistant glove (pack of 12)
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    NeoFoam G-TEK tactile cut-resistant glove (pack of 12)
    As low as €94.07 €78.39 Regular Price €134.38
  5. Neofoam G-TEK coated tactile anti-abrasion assembly gloves (pack of 12 pairs)
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  6. Gants de travail anti-abrasion anti-déchirure NPR Pro Mousse Nitrile Portwest paire
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  7. gants de travail protection impact Coverguard Eurocut Impact 100 face
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    Coverguard EUROCUT IMPACT 100 impact work gloves (pack of 5)
    As low as €55.44 €46.20 Regular Price €79.20
  8. Gants de manutention 32cm Eurotechnique enduits latex 3815
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  9. Noir
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    Eurotechnique Hydropellent work gloves (lot of 10 pairs of gloves)
    As low as €24.22 €20.18 Regular Price €34.60
  10. Gants de manutention cuir Eurotechnique 2230
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    Eurotechnique 2230 leather handling gloves (lot of 10 pairs of gloves)
    As low as €34.86 €29.05 Regular Price €49.80
  11. Noir
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    Eurotechnique 1NIBB precision work gloves (lot of 12 pairs of gloves)
    As low as €9.24 €7.70 Regular Price €13.20
  12. Gants de manutention et travaux de précision respirants Coverguard EUROLITE blanc
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    Eurotechnique 602 Precision Handling Gloves (set of 10)
    As low as €6.02 €5.02 Regular Price €8.60
  13. Bleu
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    Eurotril Eurotechnique 9610 handling gloves (set of 10 pairs of gloves)
    As low as €21.84 €18.20 Regular Price €31.20
  14. Noir
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    Eurotechnique 5310 chemical risk resistant gloves (pack of 10)
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Items 1-32 of 94

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work gloves, counted among personal protective equipment, are manufactured to meet different needs. Indeed, as protection levels vary depending on professional activities, it is important that each professional has an appropriate glove model, as well as safety shoes. There are therefore several types of gloves including those of the handler, those of the beekeeper, those of the firefighter, those of the welder...

Discover our selection of work gloves to find the right protection you need. Choose from a variety of options including work gloves, cut-resistant gloves, material gloves latex, anti-cold gloves, the anti-heat glove , leather work gloves, anti-impact gloves, the disposable gloves, welding gloves , mittens, chemical protection gloves, and nitrile gloves. Make sure you have the protection you need for all situations.

The risks are also diversified. We then look for the pair of gloves that protect against chemicals, for example, or thermal, otherwise biological or electrical. Other situations may arise. The professional will choose his gloves according to various criteria: anti-cut gloves< /a>, puncture resistant, anti-cold gloves…

Why use handling gloves?

At work, hands are subject to several risks: cuts, burns, shocks, crushing, allergies, etc. This is why wearing gloves is essential to protect the hands of workers . Handling gloves are particularly designed to offer protection against mechanical attack, while guaranteeing optimal comfort and easier gripping. They are resistant > abrasion, cutting by the blade, tearing and perforation; and offer good dexterity for handling small components. Handling gloves are used in various activities such as the automotive sector, agriculture, etc.

Our material handling gloves are available with a polyurethane coating, providing increased grip and strength for demanding mechanical tasks. This characteristic makes them ideal for handling slippery or abrasive materials, ensuring effective hand protection while maintaining great tactile sensitivity. Their design is specifically tailored to provide comfort and durability, making these gloves a preferred choice for professionals looking for a reliable solution for their material handling needs.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): categories of handling gloves

On the gloves, markings indicate the standards to which the pair is subject, the size varying from 5 to 12, the reference. Protective gloves are classified into three categories. Each classification corresponds to the type of protection that this equipment provides as well as its effectiveness. However, it should be remembered that from Category 2 onwards, several levels of protection are concerned.

Category 1

Category 1 includes pairs of gloves that protect against minimal risks. These gloves are designed in compliance with the standard EN 420: 2003 which relates to the obligations of ergonomics, safety and dexterity. This category includes gloves for domestic use, often disposable. The specificity of this category: it is the manufacturer who guarantees the CE conformity of its products; this is why we find its logo on the majority of gloves.

Category 2

Gloves classified in Category 2 are the grouping of different protection potentials. However, they all meet the EN 420: 2003 standard. The State guarantees the conformity of this group. Here are the different characteristics that are part of this class:

  • PPE gloves against mechanical risks, subject to EN 388: 2003;
  • PPE gloves against the cold, complying with EN 511: 2006;
  • PPE gloves against thermal risks according to EN 407: 2004.

Category 3

When we talk about Category 3, we immediately think of high protection. These are respectively:

  • Gloves against mechanical risks;
  • Gloves against micro-organisms: EN 374-2: 2003 ;
  • Gloves against chemicals: EN 374-3: 2003.

Without testing and approvals, gloves belonging to this category should not be offered on the market. A leaflet with instructions for use must be included in the packaging. The use of these gloves is of course accompanied by other PPE such as glasses and protective masks.

Precision on safety: the different materials of work gloves

The materials used in the manufacture of handling gloves are very numerous. Depending on his job and the risks to which he is regularly exposed, the professional can find the appropriate type of gloves. But, the most frequent and certainly the most popular materials are:

  • Polyurethane: very effective in protecting against abrasion; it is a material that resists tears;
  • Latex: has remarkable performance against chemicals, just like nitrile rubber (for those allergic to latex);
  • Leather: remarkable for its strength and resistance to mechanical risks and a certain level of high temperature;
  • Butyl rubber: protective in the event of exposure to hydrocarbons;
  • Neoprene: has performance against temperature variations and chemicals;
  • Kevlar: effective in preventing cuts; it resists heat and protects against particle projections;
  • Nomex: it is a material that withstands high heat and chemicals;
  • Zetex: effectively resists flames and sparks;
  • Viton rubber: is the ideal material to protect against organic compounds and hydrocarbons.

Where to find professional gloves (handling, anti-cut, non-slip, etc.)

Are work gloves essential for your profession? General protection levels and requirements vary depending on professional activities, which is why Oxwork offers a wide choice of professional gloves. You will therefore find what you are looking for among our selection of handling gloves with the best quality-price ratio.

Handling gloves are essential personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers involved in various manual jobs. Available in sets or individually, these gloves offer reliable protection for the hands while ensuring optimal comfort. Some models, such as those from Ansell and Portwest, have a specific coating for increased resistance during mechanical work. The coating in polyurethane, PVC, or other materials ensures optimal adhesion and protection against mechanical risks. Gloves with a polyurethane coated palm are often preferred for work requiring increased dexterity, while those with a PVC coating are suitable for work requiring chemical resistance. Knitting in cotton, nylon, or other materials offers a balance between comfort and durability.

Certain models, available in black, are also appreciated for their aesthetic appearance. The nub finish on the palm improves grip, while the elasticated cuff ensures a secure fit. Details about each product, including user reviews, are often available to guide choice based on specific job needs. In-stock availability and suitable packaging simplify the management of equipment in the workplace, ensuring constant availability for workers. In summary, handling gloves, with their diversity of coatings, materials and finishes, constitute essential PPE to ensure the safety and comfort of the hands during various manual work.