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Puma Safety is a brand recognized for its quality. It has been able to combine sporty design, comfort and protection at work in the creation of its safety shoes and sneakers. Don't wait any longer to discover the Puma Safety universe.

Puma Safety


The microfiber upper is sturdy, durable and easy to clean but also abrasion resistant. This shoe offers protection against penetrating moisture.


The TPU torsion control system is installed in the central part of the sole. He supports the foot and increases stability


The Breath-Active material of the sole wicks away sweat and ensures by combining a water-repellent upper and antibacterial a perfect foot climate.

Puma brand logo

is committed to
protecting the planet

Puma Safety wants to reduce the consumption of natural resources and respect the environment by manufacturing safety shoes with partially recycled components while keeping an elaborate design. It also offers vegan safety shoes made with non-animal materials. Do not hesitate to discover the ecological products of the Puma Safety brand.

Men and women: choosing your PUMA safety shoes

Nowadays, more and more companies require the wearing of safety shoes (S1, S2, S3, safety standards), whether in the factory, on construction sites or in industrial kitchens. For meet all needs, both in terms of robustness and design, numerous are the models of protective footwear offered on the market. Of course, Puma, the label German known and recognized for its sporting goods, is also doing it for the greatest pleasure of all. This mythical brand "with a leaping feline" has, once again, won its bet by developing pairs of quality safety shoes, innovative and, like always, top design all while ensuring a high level of security. His articles bring together all the selection criteria and make everyone happy, professional as well as private.

Why use Puma Safety safety shoes?

The protective shoes from PUMA offer many benefits and meet safety standards. It goes without saying that wearing these specific shoes is required, since the risks are omnipresent on the premises of work. This equipment protects the feet from any impact with heavy objects or metal shavings in the workplace, among others. This guy of pair of shoes is also very useful for people who work under temperatures high. What's more, it proves its effectiveness in places slippery, thanks to the anti-slip system in accordance with the safety EN ISO 20345. Thus, the worker does not risk falling in the event of oil spillage or oil on the pavement. It is not only professionals who take advantage in the use of this model of safety shoes. Indeed, individuals equip themselves also, even if it is within the framework of the realization of small works of DIY. Combined with workwear, this equipment constitutes a real protective element. You can find various brands on the market offering a whole range of safety shoes, but it is preferable to bet on the brands of renown and having already proven in terms of security, especially since it is the security of the feet which is at stake.

High or low: more protection with the Puma men's and women's safety sneakers

The Puma safety shoe offers more protection compared to to some other brands. Whether for men or women, this equipment has received as much protective devices to secure the feet. It is endowed with shell made from sturdy materials (metal or composite resistant). This element allows the Puma safety shoe to effectively protect the feet against possible falling heavy objects. In addition, its sole is reinforced thanks to the material anti-perforation, a guarantee of excellent performance. Furthermore, there is no need to worry, even if you are working on slippery ground since the Puma shoe is equipped with an anti-skid system specially designed for this purpose. The equipment also has on some models have additional ankle protection to prevent sprains.

Work shoes, the Puma shoes pair: safety, comfort and design

The famous brand PUMA does not only care about the safety of its customers when designing this work equipment. Indeed, the Puma safety shoe is also designed to provide more comfort. This equipment does not cause any inconvenience even if the worker wear it all day. Pleasant protection to wear thanks to its optimal lightness, and is suitable perfect for sensitive feet. Apart from the increased level of safety and optimal comfort, the PUMA professional shoes also stands out with its exceptional design. In Indeed, it has a more attractive and modern style. Once the work is finished, the user will not be obliged to remove the safety shoes, knowing in particular that these sport a well-studied look that has nothing to envy to the models of city shoes. It is good to know that the manufacture of Puma safety shoes complies with quality standards required in Europe. In addition, this German company has established its international reputation thanks to its know-how, the solidity and quality of the materials it uses, the neat finishes and with an always innovative design.

The Puma brand, a large catalog at Oxwork

Are you looking for a pair of Puma safety shoes for men or women, as light as a sport combined with the safety and protection of your feet in the event of an accident, Puma offers you a choice important with its various models present on our website Oxwork.