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            Fall arrest accessories: connection systems

            In many fields of activity, workers are required to operate at height. A somewhat dangerous situation that requires specific work equipment: fall arrest accessories. In fact, most accidents encountered in this type of job are caused by non-compliant equipment. Hence the importance of this personal protective equipment when carrying out the tasks.

            Fall protection accessories: PPE not to skimp, harnesses, nets, etc

            Fall protection accessories are part of PPE category II, covering more or less serious physical attacks. They offer more flexibility to employees working at height: maintenance technicians, BTP professionals or electrical network agents. This equipment reduces their movements and thus limits the risk of falls.

            Although it has a lifespan of 10 years, this safety device should be chosen according to use (intensive or occasional) and external factors. These accessories complement the fall arrest harness .

            Fall arrest accessories: connection systems

            Devices serving as a connection system are one of the essential elements of a fall arrest system. They are used to link the employee's harness to its anchor point. These accessories thus protect workers from falling thanks to an energy absorber which attenuates the blow.

            • Fall arrest lanyard with energy absorber

            Apart from the energy absorber, this connecting device consists of a fall arrest lanyard at least 2 meters long and two connectors. The fall arrest lanyard prevents the user from reaching an area where there is a risk of falling. Neither too long nor too short, its length must take into account the task to be performed.

            • The mobile fall arrester

            In the event that the worker slips or is in danger of falling, the mobile fall arrester locks automatically and prevents the fall. The mobile fall arrest lanyard slides in automatic and manual position. In addition, it can be used for work at low height since it has a low clearance.

            Select the fall arrest accessories according to the clearance

            Allowing the employee to avoid hitting the ground in the event of a fall, the air draft is the necessary distance between the ground and his feet. Once this distance has been determined, it is possible to:

            • Select lanyard length

            A fall arrest lanyard is no more than 2 meters long. For a weak pull, it is therefore advisable to choose a smaller lanyard taking into account the elongation of the energy absorber.

            • Choose the type of link

            The choice in terms of connection devices is very wide for work at great heights. On the other hand, a cable with a mobile fall arrester or a self-retracting reel would be suitable for work at low heights.

            Zoom in on some fall protection accessories

            Here are some of the fall arrest devices most used by employees working at height:

            • The connector

            When it comes to 'fall protection equipment, the connector refers to the different types of lanyards and slings with which users secure themselves to anchoring equipment. This accessory serves as a connection between the worker and the fall protection. Also serving as positioning at the workstation, the connector is designed to stop the user in the event of a fall. It is, therefore, made of a robust and resistant material.

            In principle, this device is equipped with an integrated or additional fall absorber. The connectors, depending on the field of use, are governed by regulations.

            • The energy absorber

            The energy absorber is a kind of tape sewn on several thicknesses. Its seams tear in the event of a fall in order to limit the forces resulting from a fall. This fall arrest accessory is often integrated into lanyards and connectors.

            • The lifeline

            As one of the mobile anchor points, the lifeline is cable-operated, vertical and horizontal. It allows the user to attach themselves to it in order to avoid the risk of falling. Generally used in climbing, this accessory is also used for work at height.

            Devices to know about fall arrest accessories

            We know very well that the risks of falling are enormous when it comes to working at height at Oxwork: on a roof, a frame, a scaffolding, a ladder, a pylon, a silo, a cliff... It is therefore essential to have adequate personal protective equipment to be able to work at height in complete safety.

            Thus, very specific rules have been established concerning fall protection accessories (normes):

            • EN ISO 341 on descenders for rescue
            • EN 353 on mobile fall arresters (rigid or flexible anchor line)
            • EN 354 on lanyards
            • EN 355 on energy absorbers
            • EN 358 on positioning and restraint belts and positioning lanyards
            • EN 360 on self-retracting fall arresters
            • EN 361 on fall arrest harnesses
            • EN 363 on fall arrest systems
            • EN 795 on anchor devices
            • EN 818 on leg straps
            • EN 1497 on rescue harnesses
            • EN 1498 on rescue straps.