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  1. Portwest A622 Cut 5 PU Palm Cut Resistant Gloves
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    Portwest A622 Cut 5 PU Palm Cut Resistant Gloves
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  2. Gris
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    Portwest A620 Cut 3 PU Palm Cut Resistant Gloves
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  3. Noir
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    Portwest Foam Nitrile A621 Cut Resistant Gloves 3/4 Coated
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    Dermiflex Portwest PU Foam Nitrile Gloves A350
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  5. Gris / blanc
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    Portwest Flexo Grip Nitrile Coated Nylon Gloves
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  6. BLAKLADER Dipped Nitrile Gloves
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    BLAKLADER Dipped Nitrile Gloves
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  7. BLAKLADER Dipped Nitrile Work Gloves
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    BLAKLADER Dipped Nitrile Work Gloves
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  8. Bleu Noir
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    Portwest SENTI-FLEX 18 Gauge Handling Gloves
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9 Items

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For the realization of trades in construction , it is essential for any worker to equip and dress themselves with various equipment and materials. These protect the worker against damage that could occur on the job site. For painting work, whether professional or private, workers should basically put on protective gloves to able to protect their hands. As a result, the preparation of surfaces and the setting up of the site require specific gloves allowing flexibility and comfort at work. These gloves also guarantee ease of use of tools in order to provide functionality to workers. Painter's protective gloves also protect hands against irritants.

Characteristics of painter's protective gloves

Most painting gloves meet the EN 388 standard. Their differences are based on their ratings against the mechanical hazards of abrasion, cut, tear and puncture.

Regarding the cut resistance criteria, gloves that meet this criterion offer basic resistance to cutting. In fact, this cut resistance is rated according to the strength value of the glove. The ratings are classified from level 1 to 5. The higher the rating, the more resistance the glove has to this cut. The performance level of the glove is thus high. Protective gloves offering cut resistance are necessary in painter's work. They prevent damage to hands caused by various paint materials.

For tear resistance, protective gloves have these performances to avoid incidents on the hands of the wearer. The resistance of gloves is measured by index notation according to the force necessary to tear them. Measured in Newton, a high index is equivalent to more resistance of the glove. The index is classified from level 1 to level 4. Level 1 represents the resistance to a tearing force between 10 Newtons and 25 Newtons. And level 4 represents the resistance to a tearing force of more than 75 Newtons.

As for the abrasion resistance, the painter protective glove has wear resistance capability. Abrasion-resistant paint gloves have been tested to abrasion cycles until they wear out (hole in the gloves). For this, the more the painting gloves have a high level of abrasion performance, the more durable they are. They are rated from level 1 to level 4, of which level 4 resists up to 8,000 cycles.

For puncture-resistant painter protective gloves, these allow the perforation of a material to be resisted up to a certain force. Thus, the measurement of their indices is done by level. From level 1 to level 4, the higher their levels, the more resistance they have to be able to protect the hands of the painters against the perforation of the tools during their works.

Some models of protective gloves for painting work

Several brands of renown and quality such as Portwest, Blaklader, Eurotechnique, etc. offer a wide range of painter's protective gloves suitable for men and women according to the conveniences and requirements of the painting trades.

PORTWEST A622 5 cut-resistant pu palm cut gloves

These gloves from the Irish brand Portwest have been designed to adapt to the needs of painters during their work. In fact, they protect wearers against cuts and sharp objects. These gloves meet the EN 420 and EN 388 standards. With regard to the EN 388 standard, these cut-resistant gloves have grades 4 (abrasion), 5 (cut), 4 (tear), 3 (perforation). With their HPPE (High Performance Polyethylene), fiberglass and polyurethane construction materials, these gloves offer comfort and skill to any wearer. They are CE certified gloves.

Eurotechnique 6160 pu-coated finger precision work gloves (set of 10 pairs of gloves)

These work gloves from Eurotechnique are comfortable to wear thanks to their flexibility. These are the best accessories for painting jobs that require precise work, fittings and polishing. They have been made with polyester and PU coating on the fingers. Thanks to their polyurethane materials, they are resistant to tension, perforation, abrasion and tearing. They are also resistant to oil, certain organic solvents and oxidation. Regarding their resistance levels: 1 for cutting and 3 for tearing.

BLAKLADER nitrile work gloves suitable for painting

The brand Blaklader offers these work gloves suitable for paint jobs. They are versatile and flexible to allow precise work for painters. These are the ideal gloves for protecting the wearer's hands in wet and oily dirty environments. It features a microporous coating to offer hand breathability. These paint gloves were made with smooth nitrile for their exteriors and 15 gauge polyamide, spandex for their liners. These work gloves have resistance levels of 4 to abrasion, 1 to cutting, 3 to tearing and 1 to perforation according to the indexes of standard EN 388.