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  1. Women's DayToDay Vest WK. Designed To Work
    • Outlet -40
    Women's DayToDay Vest WK. Designed To Work
    As low as €11.39 €9.49 Regular Price €18.98
  2. KARIBAN WOMEN lightweight down jacket
    • Outlet -40
    KARIBAN WOMEN lightweight down jacket
    As low as €29.57 €24.64 Regular Price €49.28
  3. Gris
    • Outlet -40
    Women's Regatta Professional ACADIA II Lightweight Down Jacket
    As low as €30.68 €25.57 Regular Price €51.14
  4. Marine
    • Outlet -40
    Women's Regatta Professional STAGE II Insulated Bodywarmer
    As low as €20.81 €17.34 Regular Price €34.68
  5. Doudoune manteau d'hiver imperméable léger et chaud FEMME Result noir
    • Outlet -40
    Light and warm waterproof winter coat down jacket WOMEN Result
    As low as €29.92 €24.93 Regular Price €49.86
  6. Bodywarmer sans manches tendance FEMME Pen Duick Noir
    • Outlet -40
    Trendy sleeveless bodywarmer WOMEN Pen Duick
    As low as €17.10 €14.25 Regular Price €28.50
  7. Bodywarmer matelassé femme Kariban vert
    • Outlet -40
    • Favourite
    Women's Kariban Quilted Horse Riding Bodywarmer
    As low as €30.73 €25.61 Regular Price €51.22
  8. Noir
    • Outlet -40
    Pen Duick Mistral women's hooded down jacket
    As low as €35.51 €29.59 Regular Price €59.18
  9. Bleu Marine
    • Outlet -40
    Bodywarmer Pen Duick Zephyr Women Sleeveless Down Jacket
    As low as €27.66 €23.05 Regular Price €46.10
  10. Doudoune légère capuche femme Kariban bleu royal
    • Outlet -40
    Kariban women's lightweight hooded down jacket
    As low as €38.36 €31.97 Regular Price €63.94
  11. Doudoune légère femme Penduick Pacific noir jaune
    • Outlet -40
    Penduick Pacific women's lightweight down jacket
    As low as €33.59 €27.99 Regular Price €55.98
  12. Doudoune femme chinée Penduick Hudson gris
    • Outlet -40
    Penduick Hudson mottled women's down jacket
    As low as €40.68 €33.90 Regular Price €67.80
  13. Bodywarmer Softshell femme imperméable Kariban blanc
    • Outlet -40
    Kariban Women's Waterproof Softshell Bodywarmer
    As low as €11.28 €9.40 Regular Price €18.80
  14. Bleu Ocean / Vert Fluo
    • Outlet -40
    Result Snowbird women's down jacket
    As low as €42.02 €35.02 Regular Price €52.52
  15. Navy / royal
    • Outlet -40
    Result women's softshell sleeveless vest
    As low as €12.70 €10.58 Regular Price €21.16
  16. Gris
    • Outlet -40
    Women's Parade OGNA sleeveless work jacket
    As low as €34.19 €28.49 Regular Price €56.98

19 Items

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If wearing a specific down jacket in the professional context is not an obligation in certain areas, it is an outfit that is increasingly adopted by companies. And if at the beginning its design was unisex, models designed for the fairer sex appeared later, the trend continuing to evolve. In addition to meeting established safety standards, women's down jackets have nothing to envy to fashionable women's clothing. Something to always look stylish, even in a work environment that does not always allow it. The women's down jacket can also be worn anywhere and anytime in everyday life, which is one of its main advantages. Discover this particular type of work jacket.

Which women's down jacket to choose?

Contrary to appearances, a women's down jacket as PPE is not limited to a simple function. It is indeed possible for you to wear it depending on the structure and the working environment in which you operate. One of the primary functions of this type of equipment is worker protection and safety.

In other cases, wearing this type of equipment may be justified by the protection of clothing against soiling or stains. Again, this will depend on the type of work you do on a daily basis and where you work. If your tasks involve moving or handling objects that can get dirty, this kind of equipment will be of crucial help to you. Moreover, you should know that under certain conditions, the company that employs you should equip you with a women's down jacket. The purpose is to protect your personal clothing from any kind of dirt.

However, the use of this workwear is not limited to mandatory dress only. Nowadays, regardless of the size of the company, its use is voluntary, especially in a marketing context. This is a strategy that can maintain the brand image of a company. In rarer cases, a work jacket can be used to promote cohesion, but also to create a feeling of belonging in a group. The goal is to try to optimize employee productivity.

How to choose your women's down jacket?

Like all PPE, women's down jackets must also meet certain standards. These are obligations that manufacturers must follow to the letter and so that the equipment in question can be marketed as PPE. For Europe, the basic standard for work clothes, including down jackets, is EN 340. This governs the rules that must be followed in the manufacture of the garment in relation to ergonomics, solidity, sizes, dimensions and maintenance. In addition, there are other secondary standards that may be specific to each trade. We can for example speak:

  • From EN 342 which corresponds to the performance of equipment in terms of protection against bad weather and cold.
  • EN 13034 governing characteristics related to protection against chemicals.

Furthermore, depending on the model, some women's down jackets have been designed to optimize user comfort, like breathable down jackets for example. And to fully meet the demands, designers must compete in ingenuity to offer the maximum level of protection and comfort without just conforming to established standards.

Work jacket for women, a trendy and stylish outfit in summer and winter

Contrary to what one might think, the work jacket for women is not only reserved for a professional environment. Especially with the models released in recent years, designers are betting a lot on design. This is indeed a wear-anywhere outfit and can even rival clothing from big brand.

Short sleeveless and hoodless down jackets for women

The main advantage of sleeveless down jackets is that they allow you to have increased mobility in your arms. By wearing a jacket of this type, you will be able to work in an outdoor environment while being warm. It will also be very practical if you want to warm up in winter or mid-season, even if hooded down jackets can also do the trick.

Where can I find a light and warm padded jacket for women?

Oxwork offers a collection of down jackets suitable for all temperatures and all professions. Find a wide selection of women's down jackets, long, short, with or without sleeves, with women: light, trendy, comfortable and warm on our website, all at the best price. These down jackets, whose main purpose is your activity, can also be used for winter sports or everyday life.